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2018 HumanTalentEd Live!

Our HumanTalent Strategic Conference.

WHERE & WHEN: Nashville, TN; September 2018

WHO: Focused on leaders, we have limited space for those needing to know more about managing millennials, talent analytics, talent alignment and talent culture for their organizations.

WHAT: Our one day conference will focus on the rising millennial workforce, successful strategies for managing in a multigenerational environment, Culture redesign, Talent Analytics, and Agile Talent Alignment, all from a practical perspective. Our speakers are lining up now to lead us in dynamic sessions for personal and professional growth...from PhD's to Organizational Culture gurus, the content will be meaty and the discussions engaging.  You will leave with tools and ideas and new connections to power your organizational talent goals and personal career goals.

HOW: Message Us using the form on this page and we will let you know exact dates, the conference program, pricing and when conference registration opens.  

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PO Box 682962  FranklinTN  37068 USA

(615) 246-7740